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Polluting Planet Earth essays

Polluting Planet Earth essays Why is pollution taking place? For a long time humans have been carelessly polluting the planet on which they live. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that causes adverse change. The three major places pollution occurs are in the water, air, and on land. Water pollution is one of the biggest problems the world is facing with tremendous impact to the life of the human race. Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwaters caused by human activities. One major cause of water pollution is oil spills. In March of 1989 at Prince William Sound in Alaska, the Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred. The drivers of the Exxon Valdez noticed icebergs in their planned route. Instead of trying to weave through the icebergs, they decided to go into another direction. While Exxon was on their new route, the oil tanker hit Bligh Reef in shallow land. The Exxon Valdez spilled approximately 10.9 million gallons of oil. The oil impacted over 1,100 miles of non-continuous coastlines in Alaska and covered over 11,000 square miles of the ocean. This oils spill killed hundreds of thousands of birds, fish, and animals immediately. The Exxon Valdez oil spill is considered one of the worst human caused marine environmental disasters ever to occur. Years later scientists have noticed higher death rates among sea otters and some other species by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Air pollution is the introduction into the atmosphere of chemical particles or biological materials. Although air pollution comes from many sources; The Great Smog in 1952 is one of the worst man made air pollution disasters that occurred. In London, The Great Smog was caused by punishing alignment of weather patterns and coal pollution. At this time the city was pockmarked with factories and power plants that incinerated thousands of tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Also because of such a col...

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Problem and solution Essays

Problem and solution Essays Problem and solution Essay Problem and solution Essay Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Problem and solution Problem The education in USA is not up to the required standards. This is mainly experienced in elementary and high schools. These two levels are experiencing constraints in facilities and focusing on education seemed to be wrong. Almost all schools complain of too many children in one classroom. There are inadequate books and other basic facilities for learning. The private schools are also affected by this problem, but the government schools are worse than private ones. The teachers receive poor salaries and this demoralizes them from doing their work satisfactorily. Teaching students is a noble task, especially students in basic level. Teachers should be compensated adequately for them to be motivated in their work. Parents are complaining that teachers are not focused on the right purpose. They argue that teachers are confusing preparing students for the next level, with overworking them. For instance, students in high school should be prepared academically and socially to join higher learning. Instead, some teachers are giving them many assignments, which will not necessarily help them. Teachers need to be moderate on teaching and giving assignments to students. Teachers should focus more on quality teaching than quantity. Too much work for students does not necessarily mean they understand everything they do. Some teachers are not keen on how they assign work to the students. Some methods of assigning work to students are ineffective, but some teachers have not identified that. Solution The government needs to allocate more funds for education in basic levels. The funds should be used to improve the learning of environment for students. Enough books should be bought for all students. More classrooms should be built to accommodate the extra students in the present classrooms. All the classrooms should have the required facilities like desks for the students. The funds should also be used to remunerate teachers as required. Most teachers are receiving salaries below their grades. They deserve good remuneration according to their grade. The ministry of education needs to prepare programs, which will offer guidance to teachers on how to offer quality education to students. They may also be required to revise the education system if it is necessary. Observations have been made, and some conclusions state the education system does not cover all students need to learn. Parents need to support teachers in helping students to do excellently in their academic work. Some parents tend to be too busy to follow-up their children. Some just think it is the teacher’s duty to ensure students perform excellently. Students have a responsibility of cooperating with both teachers and parents. They need to address any issues inhibiting them from performing well in their studies. Students face many challenges, and they have a duty of seeking help, in case teachers and parents do not seem to realize their problems. They should assess on how the teachers are handling them as well as the rest of the learning environment. Students should know they are the beneficial of education and should suggest all possible ways of improving it. The most appropriate solution for this education problem is government intervention of increasing funds. It will be easy to solve financial problems, which are deteriorating the quality of education. Part of the extra funds could be used to fund the program for coaching educators on quality teaching modes. It would also be possible to revise the education system. Students need to follow an updated system, which is applicable in the current era. Education is a fundamental in development and growth. Therefore, the government needs to act swiftly.

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Accounting Evaluation And Forecast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Accounting Evaluation And Forecast - Essay Example Carter and Usry mentioned that â€Å"In Reality, planning and controlling are simultaneous, cannot be separated, and an interconnected process†. Within this elaboration we will evaluate performance of the â€Å"Aberdare - Super Service Mini Market† and furthermore describe Income Statement and Balance sheet forecast for planning purposes. According to the financial ratios, Aberdare posses an overall weaker performance, compare to the Pernarth mini market. The only ratios that exceed Pernart mini market are sales/operating assets ratio and the interest cover ratio. The sales/operating assets ratios present a slight lead on Aberdare’s effectiveness on using its operating assets to produce sale, while the interest cover ratio display Aberdare’s better performance on taking advantage of debts to finance operations. However, financial ratios should not be used as a sole instrument of measuring performance. According to available data, Aberdare’s sales in 2004 are amounted to $ 1,250,000 and the operating profit is $ 217,000. This has a relatively significant difference compare to Pernarth mini market, which produce a sales number of only $ 1,000,000 and operating profit of $ 190,000. Thus, in actual numbers, Aberdare mini market contributes more income to the business. Pernarth According to the financial ratio, Pernarth is overall better than Aberdare mini market. The ratios indicated that pernarth has a better performance in terms of: 1. Effectiveness of operation, displayed by the Operating Profit/Operating Assets ratio, Sales/Fixed Assets ratio, and Sales/Current Assets ratio. These ratios describe that Pernarth uses its assets more effectively to produce sales and profit. 2. Efficiency of operation, displayed by the Operating Profit/Sales ratio, Cost of Sales/Sales ratio, Sales/Stock ratio, Expenses/Sales ratio, and Sales/Stock ratio. These ratios describe that Pernarth's require less cost and expenses to produce equal sales number and profits compare to Aberdare's. 3. Liquidity of the mini market, displayed by the Interest Cover ratio, Gearing ratio, Current ratio, and Quick ratio. There ratios describe that Pernarth mini market require less debts compare to Aberdare mini market to run the business. II.2. Weaknesses Aberdare As stated before, compare to Pernarth, Aberdare mini market display a slightly poorer performance. Most of the ratios display only small difference between the two store, however, significant different appears on Sales/Current Asset ratio, Sales/Stock ratio, Interest cover, Gearing and Quick ratio. The Interest Cover and Gearing ratio indicate that Aberdare has too much debt within its financial structure. The Sales/Current Assets ratio, Sales/Stock ratio and Quick ratio on the other hand, describe that the mini market employ too much current asset on the current year, especially too much stock. Pernarth The mini market is superior according to any measurement of the financial ratios, however, in real numbers, the mini market does not seem to generate as much sales and profit as Aberdare. Thus, relating to the fact that Pernarth is the most profitable