Monday, March 9, 2020

How to Write a STRONG Follow Up Email After Your Job Interview

How to Write a STRONG Follow Up Email After Your Job Interview After spending hours preparing for your job interview, the big day finally arrives. You go to your interview and all of your preparation has paid off. You ace it! You leave your interview feeling satisfied and confident. But you’re not quite finished yet. Even though you nailed your interview, someone else may have performed just as well. So how do you go above and beyond to differentiate yourself? You can’t just go home and watch reruns of Seinfeld. I mean, you can, but not before you perform one last crucial step. Send a follow up email after your job interview. According to  Whitney Purcell, associate director of Career Development at Susquehanna University, it’s vital to send a thank you email within 24 hours after your job interview. You should also make sure to send it during company business hours (obviously).But more importantly, Purcell goes on to say that sending a simple thank you note is not enough. Your follow up email needs to make you stand out f rom the crowd. You should highlight the best parts of the conversation you had, followed by a reminder as to why you are the best fit for the job.So the question becomes how do you write a strong follow up email after your job interview? According to  Dr. Deborah Good, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Katz School of Business, the email below is  ideal because it contains 6 very important characteristics:  Ã‚  Source: [BusinessInsider]